Chapter2 Bikes

Chapter2 Bikes

Chapter2 Bikes


2017 Best Design Awards Finalist.

Highly regarded, designer, architect and bike racer, Michael Pryde opened the next chapter of his professional life with the birth of a brave new bike brand Chapter 2.

A growing acceptance of direct to consumer online sales within the cycling community gave Michael the confidence to develop a bike that would appeal to customers around the world. Dedicated racers, fashionistas and hobbyists alike.

‘The Road Less Travelled’ was established as a brand Idea and Maori Illustrator Mohi Toko was commissioned to develop a visual story that could bring it to life. Emphasising the birthplace and origin of the brand. The blue green of melting alpine rivers alongside snow white tops inspired the colour ways.

The Chapter 2 restrained graphics were designed to compliment the bike frames clean lines and technically advanced construction. The graphics and the brand story were rolled out across bike frames packaging, apparel, ecommerce website, and stationery.

75% of annual sales target have been sold prior to July 1 release and worldwide distribution agreements achieved.

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