Maven Fishing Rods

Maven Fishing Rods

Maven Fishing Rods


A Magic Hook

To complement the beautiful craftsmanship of the Maven carbon fibre fishing rod, we developed an elegant brand identity, thread patterns and muted colour palette to hook the high-end salt-water angler. Destined for overseas markets, the identity pays homage to its New Zealand origin and takes cues from traditional Maori art, based around the story of Maui and his magic hook. The finished product could easily be mistaken for a piece of art.

“Our vision for Maven was to build a unique range of top-end fishing rods that were unlike anything in the market. We were after a retro-cool design aesthetic, a strong New Zealand identity, and signature details that would really make them stand out. Onfire understood our direction perfectly, and delivered a carefully considered range of designs, as well as some challenging ideas, such as a pinstripe along the full length of our rods. We gladly took on the challenge and after many iterations of prototypes and testing, the results were stunning.” Gayleen, Maven

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