Dickey Boats

The Dickey Boat Difference

Who helped the “Dickey Boat Difference” cruise to Boat of The Show?
Many boat manufacturers use a thousand words to claim that their boats are different. But one picture of a Dickey Boat says it all. There’s simply no other vessel anything like it.

Influenced by classic “Sportsfisher” boat design, the Dickey look is unmistakeable. They are high-end, custom built aluminium boats, everything from trailer boats to launches to classic, luxury sports cruisers.

When Dickey wanted to tell their story to the world they chose Onfire Design.

The Challenge
Dickey built beautiful boats, epitomised by their retro-style “classic sportsfisher”. Onfire Design conducted a thorough brand review and made full recommendations for a total communications package.

The Idea
Onfire developed the “brand story” and positioning, created a cut-through advertising campaign based around “The Dickey Difference” and developed a fully responsive website that works across all devices and platforms. Onfire also helped create an impressive Boat Show display.

The Result
With Onfire’s help, Dickey won Boat of the Show in various classes from 2013-2017.

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