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Onfire specialise in Silverstripe website development. In fact, our team are some of the best in New Zealand.

Our clients online success is our passion.


Why use Silverstripe as your CMS solution?

Silverstripe Content Management System (CMS) is extremely user friendly and teaching anyone how to use Silverstripe is an easy task. The user can edit their home page, blog posts or any other page with ease by just editing the text or elements in the back end of the program. What does this mean? It means that you will not have to pay someone to maintain or make changes for you which in the long run, will save you money. One of the greatest things about having a Silverstripe site is the easy maintenance which will allow you to login via your website and make changes to any of the pages at any time.

Can Silverstripe look just like a regular site?

YES! When you contract Onfire to create a custom Silverstripe site, we design around your company’s requirements and make sure that your site is 100% original.

What else can Silverstripe do for my website?

Silverstripe is fully customisable which means Onfire can create a vast array of features and capabilities, from galleries, data capture, social media integration to full Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Is Silverstripe search engine friendly?

Silverstripe right out of the box is extremely efficient for search engine optimisation and with the addition of certain plugins can become even more powerful. Onfire will recommend SEO programmes for your site if relevant. Silverstripe also makes the use of Meta tags, an important component in search engine optimisation. Silverstripe has an uncomplicated URL structure, making it easy for search engine spiders to find and to “crawl” content.

Want to know more? Contact Sam Allan on 09 480 2036 or 021 608 204.

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