CRC Car Care Range


The iconic New Zealand CRC brand found they were losing significant share to aggressive competitors in the car care market so, in a counterpunch strategy, CRC asked Onfire Design to refresh the packaging for the entire CRC car care range.

The brief? To modernise the packaging, regain shelf presence and breathe new life into a mature brand.

Onfire relished the opportunity to establish a foothold with a younger, emerging market. They introduced the use of clean, modern, imagery and typography on pack, and added a banded colour coding system as well as re-introducing CRC’s traditionally known and trusted signature red. This became the basis of a bold new CRC colour palette, designed to stand out clearly from the crowd on car care shelves.

“CRC’s Car Care sales were getting eroded by international and local competition. Sammo and Michael were the creative team whose branding and packaging concept nailed the consumer promise and contributed significantly to the Brand’s differentiated position. Their creative direction relaunched and solidified CRC as a market leader”. CRC

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