Scope Cycling

The ride of your life

Onfire’s design exported to Holland.
Scope is a high end bicycle wheel manufacturer based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. After more than 350 races and 200,000 of kilometres on the bike, the team from Scope know how important quality is. Therefore when starting their new company they searched the globe for a specialist in bicycle branding design.

Having seen Onfire’s work online they knew they had found the right team for the job. With over 25 years experience in the bicycle industry, Onfire’s Sam Allan was able to strategically position the brand, giving it a unique identity.

Sammo and his team drew the Scope logo from scratch, along with custom wheel graphics across 3 rim depths. The shape of the wheel necessitates that all the graphics be hand crafted to follow the curvature of the rim surface. Not an easy task, but to the Onfire team it was an exciting challenge!

The result? A unique brand and identity system that gave Scope cut through into a highly competitive market. The Scope brand is now sold in over 12 countries across Europe and continues to grow.

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Scope Wheels Logo Design
Scope Wheels Racing 1
Scope Wheels Racing 4
large Scope cycling wheel range
large Scope cycling R3C bicycle wheel graphic design
large Scope cycling R4C bicycle wheel graphic design
large Scope cycling wheel closeup
large Scope cycling R5C bicycle wheel graphic design