Onfire Design has delivered food and product packaging design for brands like Tasti, Hubbards, Brinks Chicken, Flavour Fiend, Streamland, CRC, Ados, Goldair, Hairstyla etc. Do you need a packaging design for your brand too?

Packaging Design
It’s not just about first impressions – it’s about lasting impressions. Like the clothes you wear, the package you put forward says a lot about you and your brand. Jars, boxes, lids, crates, labels, inner sleeves, you name it….it all tells a story. These are all touch points with your customer and opportunities to get them to love your brand and recommend it to others.

Onfire specialises in creating powerful packaging that engages the consumer and smokes the competition. Over the years we have created exceptional packaging solutions for a wide range of clients across Australia, New Zealand and China.