Organic frozen vegetables. A New Zealand first.

Onfire was tasked by FSL Foods to help create a compelling sub-brand and packaging for an innovative new product development.

Utilising the established premium positioning of its Goodness Kitchen Frozen Berries, FSL wanted to launch an organic range of frozen vegetables, the first in New Zealand!

onfire design goodness kitchen frozen vegetables packaging design 4

While organic products are already well established in retail, and chilled desserts and dairy brands have launched organic offerings, there was an obvious gap in the chilled vegetable segment. Thanks to FSL, consumers can now enjoy all the advantages and convenience of frozen vegetables in an organic range under the GK brand.

Onfire re-engineered the existing berry pack livery, introduced a strong organic statement while callouts and vegetable photography provide the ‘yum’ factor. The biggest innovation for the brand was utilising the recyclable box. With all other brands in bags, Goodness Kitchen created powerful brand blocking and prominent chiller stand out whether the product lies flat or stands up in retail chiller aisles.

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