Tasti Fruit & Vege Balls

onfire design tasti fruit vege balls packaging design 2

With 68% of consumers viewing snacking to help improve their quality of life*, Tasti is constantly innovating within the everyday snacking category bringing new taste experiences to market. Fruit & Vege Wholefood Balls was a first-to-market snack ball range that did not use dates as a base ingredient which is naturally high in sugar. Utilising a vege based recipe, with fruits to bring sweet taste profiles and hints of natural colour, this new offering has a cleaner and lighter taste experience.

To communicate this new offering, we stripped away the usual background block colour ones. Replacing them with pops of bright, fruit-inspired colours on white backgrounds, with simple and clean ingredient photography to create a confident and direct proposition.

The range launched in stores with immediate success - with sales exceeding expectations in New Zealand and Australia.

*Source: *(Mondelez International ‘State of Snacking’ report, 2020)


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